The Process

Living in a dream house with lovely roofing, perfect walls, large living room, and landscape can be truly enthralling. For my friend Dickson, this was a dream but it took long to be realized because he lived in his parent’s house. However, things changed last summer when Dickson’s parents decided to relocate to Brazil to expand their hotel business. The old house was left to Dickson. It was time to carry all the renovations he had always thought about to make it an ideal space.

What necessitated the need for re-roofing?

(i) The house had taken a lot of time without roofing repairs, and many hidden parts were damaged.

(ii) Because the house was built about three decades ago, the roofing was old fashioned and unsightly.

(iii) There was a complete mismatch between the roofing and other exterior decor installations.

Deciding on the new type of roofing to take 

The first step for Dickson was getting a good roofing contractor for the job. This was not difficult in San-Francisco since it has many of them especially when Dickson went to  Through a thorough search, Dickson settled on a company that assisted him to identify good tiles and even prepared a visual presentation on it.

Dickson was interested in quality, durability, and sense of style. Tiles shingles, though heavy, were considered the best to meet Dickson’s anticipations. From images of previous tasks completed by the company, the new roofing firm would no doubt make the house a living paradise.

The re-roofing process and perfect finish

The roofing process was comprehensive because it involved changing everything from roofing support to the entire design.

First, the re-roofing contractor removed the current rusty metal roofing and set up a new network of supporting beams. The new design had varying elevations to support the flow of water to the gutters and create a sense of style. Besides, the tiles shingles took a pattern comprising of parallel lines running diagonally from one corner to another.

To give the re-roofing exercise a perfect outlook, a gutter line with a different color presenting a complete break and transition from roofing to walls was installed. The current outlook is, therefore, a pattern of deep golden brown line with a parallel one of light yellow shingles and a silver gutter. This matches perfectly with the bright walls and evenly cut grass lawns

Post re-roofing assistance 

The roofing contractor San-Francisco went a step further to give additional assistance to Dickson. He took Benson through a detailed process of maintaining and caring the new roofing. He was shown how to check for damages, clear debris, remove growing plants, and also provided with a recommended repairing schedule.

The contractor gave Dickson a two-year guarantee. During this time, any need for repairs would not be charged anything by the contractor. To date, Dickson’s place has become our favorite for weekend relaxation because of the great roofing outlook. The work was amazing.



The Best Of The Best

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Custody Battles

First of all, let me say that doing your research helps, but reading horror story after horror story and opinion piece after opinion piece will only drive you crazy. Everyone’s situation is different and talking to a lawyer is the only way to see what you’re really in-for. Talking to different Modesto lawyers gave me a solid understanding of what to actually expect, rather than the random internet stories, and it also helped to calm me down and sooth my anxiety.


Secondly, things will get emotional and they will get stressful. People have to choose sides in a custody hearing and it’s not an easy situation to be in. Your kid’s teacher is going to have to choose a side, your doctor is going to have to choose a side, your neighbor and your friends are going to have to choose sides. Not all of them will choose you. Try your best to not get emotional and hopefully once the storm settles, you will not have lost any actual friends. But, under no circumstances should you angrily text, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. anyone whom you disagree with. Don’t even text your kids about a situation and especially not your spouse/ex-spouse. These messages WILL be used against you later. The fact that you were angry in the moment and the actual context of the message will not outweigh how the message looks weeks later to a judge. Plus, the context of a simple message can be construed by any lawyer worth his salt.


Do your best to resolve this out of court by a ‘settlement by agreement’. It will prevent dragging everything through the mud and will normally get you the same result. (As I learned, after the fact). Three things to consider: 1) You will most likely have to compromise either way, it’s better to determine your own terms. 2) If you are seeking no visitation or supervised visitation for the other parent, this is normally granted in only the most extreme circumstances, not simply because you feel that the other parent shouldn’t have it. 3) The child’s preference weighs a lot in court (if you decide to take it this far), especially if your child is 12 or older. Get a feel for what your child wants, after all, isn’t that most important?


If you do decide to take this all the way to court (I found out subsequent to my trial that 90% of cases are settled out of court), make your case interesting to the judge. I could literally see the judge’s eyes roll back when he had to hear about who brushed my kid’s teeth and who took him to doctors’ appointments. The judge hears it all day. If you can do something to get the judge’s attention, such as a picture, drawings and artwork, ANYTHING, then you may get the sliding vote that you need.